A Few Self Care Goodies Worth Having 

Earlier this week, I posted a few photos on Instagram with the inspired purpose of getting us to practice self love.  As a woman who wears many hats, it’s easy to put off the things that I can do to take better care of myself.  I was reminded of how important self care was when I came across this anonymous quote:

The relationship you have with yourself sets the tone for every other relationship in your life.

I took some time to think about some simple ways to practice self love.  Taking a nice candlelit bath in the evening, giving yourself a mini facial and a polished manicure are just a few ways to set the tone for a loving relationship with yourself.

Bath Time

Bubble baths are quite rejuvenating, but have you ever tried adding a bath bomb to the water?  Oh my goodness, these bath bombs from Willow Bella Bath Boutique are the most luxurious things ever!  Drop one or two in the tub and watch them explode into a beautiful swirl.  This is an experience worth creating. 

Body Care

Not all body lotions are created equal.  If your skin could use a little more tender loving care during these winter months, I’d suggest trying the  body care line from Fresh Beauty.  Absolutely amazing!

Relaxation for Your Mind

Nothing like a candlelit bath and some good reads to ease your mind.  Show yourself some love with these lush Diptique candles.  A little more extravagant than my staple Bath & Body Works candles, but so worth it!

Face Time

I’ve seen a lot of beauty influencers taking well to these sheet masks by Dr. Jart.  There is an entire “book of masks” available for sale that is designed to address your every skincare need.  


Nail Care

Last, but not least, there’s something pretty intimate about giving yourself a manicure. My favorite color happens to be pink, but I love changing things up every now and then.  If you’re kinda shy about expanding your color selection, then the colder months are the perfect time to try bold colors on your toes that you may normally shy away from.  I love the fact that these nail polishes by Mischo Beauty are not only beautiful, but they don’t contain any of the cancer causing ingredients, such as formaldehyde.   Be adventurous! (Smile)

How many ways can you practice self love?  Let me count the ways…

-With Love,



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